Typhoon Prep Guamojis


Typhoon Prep Pack

Islanders have storm prep down to a science. Batteries? Check! Water? Check! Did the laundry and put gas in the car? Double check, dudebropar! Use these Guamojis to share the typhoon experience all over the internet while the power is on. Just don’t forget to share fan your own generator with us!

All jokes aside, storms are serious business and the Mariana Islands have been through many. Guam will never forget the names Pamela, Karen, Omar, Paka, Chataan or Pongsona. We’ve pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Typhoon Prep Pack to Typhoon Soudelor relief efforts on Saipan via the Ayuda Foundation. Thanks so much for supporting Guamoji.com and helping out our neighbors to the north.


Here is a sample of what you will get:

Typhoon Prep Guamojis - Sample