Legends of Guamojis

Share the Chamorro love of storytelling with the brand new Legends of Guamoji pack and e-book!

Get 20 shiny new emojis featuring legends, folklore and proverbs of the Mariana Islands. Classic stories like Sirena and The White Lady of Fonte Bridge are included, as well as some tales you might not have heard yet.

This special holiday pack also includes an original e-book written and illustrated by the ladies of Guamoji!

This little book contains 20 mini-legends, perfect for sharing Guam’s oral storytelling tradition with your listeners of all ages. Add it to your child’s iPad and tell them again why they shouldn’t pee in the jungle. Stale-free guarantee! The “Legends of Guamoji” e-book has the Guamoji-kid seal of approval from our 8-year-old test reader, Zoey.

This Halloween, send a taotaomo’na to a friend – no permission needed! (We don’t think Anufat is on the internet … but maybe you should whistle, just in case.)

Here’s just a sample of the 20 new stickers  to save & add some brown n proud to any messenger program.

Easily pay with PayPal, no account needed, by clicking the button below. You’ll be redirected to the download page. Save them down and scare your prim with the White Lady next time he owes you money!


We hope you love this pack as much as we do. Thanks, fan and Happy Halloween! Have fun and keep chatting, chelu.

Toni & Sabete