Guamoji Frequently Asked Questions

What are emojis?

Emojis are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion in electronic messages and web pages.

Why do I need to copy paste them to use them?

Regular emojis are unicode which means they are text. Unicode emojis are voted upon by a college of people across the world, and for this reason no brands have unicode emojis. All third party keyboards (including our Guamoji keyboard) are image based, and every messaging app handles images a little bit differently.

Why are Guamojis so big?

We have optimized our keyboard for in the interest of having the best experience across the most apps.

Why does the Guamoji keyboard require full access?

Full access is required to copy Guamojis into the iOS pasteboard. However, if you are not interested in copying and pasting Guamojis, you can still use the Chamorro alphabet keyboard without granting full access.

Do you track my credit card information?

The Apple warning about sensitive information such as credit card numbers does not apply to our keyboard because the app is designed NOT to save any keystrokes or send any data to us.

Do you have access to everything I type with this keyboard or what I typed before?

The Guamoji keyboard does not have access to information typed with other keyboards such as your regular text keyboard.

Can I use the App with iOS 7?

All third party extension keyboards require at least iOS 8. We recommend having the latest version of iOS for Guamoji to work properly.